My Money is on the Tortoise

Slow and steady wins the race.

Associated with Aesop’s fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

Ever since I was reminded by Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows as he rode a pony trailing behind the rest of his expedition who were riding stallions that “slow and steady wins the race,” I have been adapting that phrase as my mantra.


After the premiere of my first song, the end of summer began to interfere with progress of my second one, my time occupied by a few deadline-specific projects, a little summer fun and an unexpected trip to Odessa. As the 100°+ summer days began heating up, in direct and opposite motion my enthusiasm waned, the best I can guess, due to the crash after the excitement of having released my first song. It was truly a milestone hard achieved and greatly appreciated. So after the march to Fall began as signaled by Labor Day, I’m pleased to be back at the keyboard and feeling just as enthralled as ever about the song I am arranging, “We Are Made Of Love.” Slow and steady wins the race, indeed.

There are many happy moments at the keyboard, and some of them are accidents. I love when I happen upon a counter melody after doodling on the keys, or discover a fun and driving rhythm. I had a happy moment yesterday when I struck upon the correct combination of drums and percussion to give the new song a dance club beat and drive. As I recall favorite electronic dance songs I have enjoyed dancing to, the beat is often a unique combination of percussion and sounds, and an integral part of the song. In the instance of dance club music, the rhythm is equally as important as the melody and lyrics. So I was quite excited when I created exactly the beat I felt the song was asking for. Spurred on by slow and steady progress, I completed some chord progressions and counter melodies. Now it’s time to “vocalize” and I’ve got a few leads for a disco-diva voice to belt out the lyrics.

The song is electronic jubilation all the way, a synthesized journey that celebrates electronic sounds for what they are, and utilizes them to their extent. I really love the melody, and the lyrics are a simple, meditative mantra of my central belief:

We are made of love,

The world and all that’s in it.

We are made of love.

We are made of love,

Each hour, every minute.

We are made of love.

What really inspires me is that anyone who listens to the song will have a very difficult time sitting or standing still. It begs you to move, to dance, to celebrate. For the second song on my journey of 12/12, I’m feeling confident it’s a fitting follow-up to my first.

Premiere to follow soon.

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