Welcome to 12/12.

For more than forty years I’ve been writing music, but I haven’t shared any of my songs with anyone beyond a few close friends. This blog is the documentation of my journey to arrange and publish twelve songs in twelve months. Along the way I’ll describe my musical style and artists I admire, explain what motivates me to write and what has kept me from pursuing music with more intent, why I’ve decided to create a blog, and finally, to share each song as it is completed. I’ve invited you into the process because I’d really like your company along the way, so thanks for joining me.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to 12/12.

  1. thats so cool! And I too have written for 44 years all kinds of music and I”m now creating a CD of original tunes. I am in the studio now. I have had work published and sung by other artists but this is the first time I’m singing and performing on the CD. And its in Spanish. I’v never done a project in my first language…so its a whole totally different experience. I can’t wait to hear about your journey! Thanks for doing the blog – what a great idea!

    • Ibis, that is very exciting. I look forward to hearing more about your CD. I hope you’ll share some songs when you are complete. I’d love to learn more as it develops.

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